Cat Boarding – Pre-June 2020

Cattery Video Tour

This is a video of the Pet Motel and Salon’s cattery giving cat owners a unique perspective of cats using our accommodations.


All cats are fed Purina Cat Chow Complete that is left out at all times. Owners may bring their own food to be fed according to their specifications.


We are happy to administer your cat’s medications with the following considerations: We will not directly pill cats orally (by mouth) that need medication. Instead, we are only willing to hide medication in food that can be provided by the owner. We charge $1.00 per pill application required and will not guarantee that the cat will consume the necessary medication. We charge $2.00 per application for ear or eye type ointments that may be needed.


All cats must be current on rabies and distemper prior to boarding. Cats must be at least 4 months old to board. Please have your veterinary hospital email your cat’s current vaccines to [email protected].

Daily Boarding Rate

Luxury Accommodations
$40 for (1) cat, $55 for (2) cats, $70 for (3) cats

(Multiple cats pricing is for use of one condo only with three cats max)

The boarding rate is inclusive of everything except medications. Please check the Policies page to view our check-in/check-out policy and our cancellation policy.