Dog Boarding

Value-driven, all-inclusive boarding fee. 3 daily trips to our outdoor yard always included! No needless, expensive add-on options!

Dog Boarding Video Tour

This is a video of the Pet Motel and Salon’s boarding kennel, giving dog owners a unique visual perspective of dogs using our accommodations. While most kennels shy away from showing pet owners their facility, we confidently show how a structured environment with unparalleled cleanliness can be your best choice for boarding your canine companion.

Pet Motel and Salon Dog Boarding Formula

Food, water, exercise, clean accommodations, structured routine, and human affection. These are basic concepts that cater specifically to your dog’s needs, but the pet industry will often prey on human guilt causing pet owners to spend unnecessary money for unnecessary services/products.

At the Pet Motel and Salon we feed every dog boarding here twice daily. Every dog gets taken out to our outdoor yard three times daily. Every dog boards in an immaculate kennel space with a raised dog bed for sleeping/resting. It is this structured routine, coupled with love and affection, that we guarantee to offer consistently to every dog boarding here.

Our boarding rate is value-driven, ensuring that you only pay one fee for everything your dog will need while boarding here. We offer one, essential option – one that considers everything from the dog’s point of view!


Each dog is fed twice daily using owner-provided portion requirements. Our provided food, Member’s Mark Exceed Performance dog food with chicken and rice, is served by adding some canned meat and warm water. Most dogs love it, but you are welcome to bring your own dog food to be fed according to your specifications in order to keep your dog’s diet consistent. Please prepare your dog’s own food requirements in individually portioned sandwich bags. Please do not bring in a bag of dog food.


We can administer your dog’s medications with the following considerations: We typically hide pill-form medications in food and give it to them along with their regular feeding schedule. We charge $1.00 per pill application required. We are willing to hand-pill a dog’s medication if they don’t consume it in their food and are cooperative for it. We don’t guarantee a dog will consume its necessary medication but will always offer it to them as required. We charge $2.00 to administer eye and ear medication per application.


All dogs must be current on rabies, distemper/parvo virus, and bordetella (canine cough vaccination) prior to boarding. Dogs must be at least (4) months old to board.  Please have your Veterinary Hospital email your dog’s current vaccines to [email protected].

Daily Boarding Rate

Any Size Dog

Includes (3) visits to our exercise yard!

Multiple Dogs Staying In The Same Run
$50 for first dog and $40 per additional dog

(Dogs from same family requiring separate runs are $50 each)

The boarding rate is inclusive of everything except medications. Please click the policies tab to view our check-in/check-out policy and our cancellation policy.