Value-driven, all-inclusive grooming fees. No needless, expensive add-ons!

Dog Grooming Video Tour

This is a video giving dog owners a unique visual perspective of the complete grooming process employed at the Pet Motel and Salon.

Pet Motel and Salon Grooming Formula

Our grooming focuses on the pet’s grooming needs.   We don’t glamorize pets to the extent that we would primarily be appealing to their human owners only.  At the Pet Motel and Salon, we are absolutely talented and can perform a variety of haircut options suitable for your dog.  But we don’t offer a lot of ala-carte extra add-ons that amount to very little value to you and especially to your pet.

Our grooming prices will always include everything your pet needs to be properly groomed. We may have a price range depending on your pet’s breed type, but our intention is to always offer an all-inclusive grooming fee that covers the most important grooming needs.

A haircut will always include ear plucking when necessary, nail trimming, shampooing and blow drying, and adequate brushing.  We will not compromise quality by offering inadequate services.  Our bath prices reflect proper brushing requirements for each breed type – we don’t perform inexpensive bathing services that neglect essential grooming steps.  Our grooming prices reflect a top to bottom job for any specific breed type.

Okay, we do glamorize a little … snazzy bandanas and bows are offered as a final touch, but only to complement our awesome baths and haircuts!