Our Mission

We are confident our website is the most transparent you will find in the Charlottesville area, giving you the clearest picture of what you can expect when your pet is boarded or groomed at our facility.

When you board your pet at The Pet Motel and Salon, expect to find an immaculately clean and very comfortable environment for your pet. Our facility will not duplicate your pet’s home, but we hope that a clean, sanitized kennel and cattery, and outdoor exercise area (for dogs) will help ease your mind when you leave your pet with us. Our relatively small kennel allows us to focus on more managed care and more individual attention for each pet which results in happier, more comfortable stays for our guests.

When your pet is groomed at The Pet Motel & Salon, our emphasis is on quality. Dogs that receive a bath or haircut will be returned to the customer mat free, with their undercoat properly removed, and all haircuts are done according to the customer’s specifications by our talented and experienced groomers. We are confident you will be impressed with the professional job done no matter what grooming services your pet receives!